The List

You will find a list of degenerate things below in no particular order.

If you participate in degeneracy you will degenerate (verb) until you become a degenerate (noun).

Just because these activities are degenerate does not necessarily mean you should hate people who do these activities or deny them the rights shared by all people. However, it some cases it may be appropriate to shun, shame, or ostracize people who engage in degenerate activities.

Here is the list:

  • Atheism
  • Promiscuity
  • LGBT
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Sodomy
  • Racism
  • Polygamy
  • Gambling (especially lottery tickets)
  • Anime
  • Capital consumption
  • Parasitism
  • Feminism
  • Social media
  • Obesity
  • Smartphones
  • Pornography
  • Paganism
  • Public sector
  • Furries
  • “Binge-watching”
  • Nature worship
  • Video games
  • Cuckoldry
  • Online dating